Web of Illusions

"May I come in sir?" "Yes you may." With unsure foot steps I walked into the room. "Are you OK? You look pale." "Do I?" with an inward wonder I looked up to find him sitting on the chair looking impeccable in his rimless glasses, red tee and blue jeans,strumming his guitar. "I_I_I am fine... Continue Reading →

I am an artist and I am not unemployed…

The far-cry of urban razzmatazz has amplified tenfold with the creation of robotic human capital that pamper man's ego as much as it pleases his fellow beings in terms of a fat pay packet, perks and promotions. Mobile man works 12 hours a day and in this breathless situation often becomes a shadowy figure. It is... Continue Reading →

Price rise Crisis

When a system fails to invigorate efficiency in output with increase in resource absorption it leads to price rise. Price rise is in fact a resultant factor of a plethora of underlying currents in the socio-economic arena. The populist aspirations of the democratic government might get a boost with the incorporation of idealized policies which... Continue Reading →

Evolution of the Olympic Mascot

The origin of Olympic mascot dates back to 1972 when it was first used in the Munich Olympics. Prior to that its use was confined to the US sports clubs and schools. It was believed to bring good fortune to the people. Etymologically speaking, the word "mascot" comes from the french term "mascotte" which means... Continue Reading →

The Story Of Ghost Chili

Popularly known as Bhut Jolokia (bhut=ghost+jolokia=capsicum) in Assamese , this ghost pepper has been rated the world's hottest pepper by Guinness Book of World Records '07.  Completely unknown to the world even a decade ago this chili is in recent time a celebrity in the world of spices. Its popularity can be attributed to its dangerous pungency... Continue Reading →

Rota vaccine in abating diarrheal deaths

Severe diarrhea is responsible for around 10 percent of total child mortality in India every year. Rota virus,a leading cause of severe diarrhea majorly affects children less than five years of age. Nearly 80,000 deaths have been reported in a year and about 9 lakh hospitalized.  In order to abate diarrheal deaths in India,the health... Continue Reading →

Beat the Heat Mantra

FOOD Stay Cool,Consume Cucumber Cucumber contains 96% water and stands on the top of the list of vegetables with water content. Thereby making it the most effective food component to beat the summer heat. Prevents dehydration,over heating. High in nutrients but low in calories. Helps detoxify the body. Hydrates and soothes skin. Improves digestion,relieves constipation.... Continue Reading →

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