The Land of Temples – Bishnupur

“A horde of gigantic spiders are fabled as the guardians of the holy chandan trees, a favourite of Kalachand or Lord Krishna.”   Road trips are fun and when these road trips are planned to escape the urban hustle-bustle, it indeed is a welcome relief. A corporate journalist, blogger and travel enthusiast, life is pretty... Continue Reading →


Spiced Tiger Prawns & Broccoli

Lip smacking delicacy........a story of the east meeting the west, one to amplify your gastronomic pangs tenfold. An insight into the story of the ingredients followed by a mouth-watering recipe. Tiger Prawns The journey of Tiger Prawns from the tidal coast of Sundarbans to our plates is not a pleasant one. Collecting tiger prawn seedlings... Continue Reading →

বলবে কি সে?

এ কোন রঙে রাঙালে ও বন্ধু,                  ভুলে যেতে চেয়েও ভুলে যেতে পারিনা এ কোন গন্ধে মাতালে ও বন্ধু,                   হারিয়ে যেতে চাইলেও হারিয়ে যেতে পারিনা বাতাসে লাগলো ফাগুন, মনেতে লেগেছে আগুন,                   জ্বালিয়ে পুড়িয়ে ছাই উড়িয়ে চলে যায় মেঘলা আলো,বৃষ্টি ভালো,                   প্রাণ চাইলেও সে তা পায়না কোকিলের কূজন, ডাকছে সুজন                           ফিরে যেতে... Continue Reading →

The Anupam Roy Night

Memories of my College Life...   College fests are the most awaited events in a student’s life. They add a spirit of festivity in a serious academic schedule. A cultural spree, it is a breath of fresh air that creates memories to be cherished for a lifetime. I remember my college days; fests were perhaps... Continue Reading →


I was worried, she won't be able to pull off this time. I picked up the phone, I called; It rang, she answered: "...I am perfectly alright," I heard her say. "...No I don't get addicted," she hung. The next day, I paid her a visit: Burnt butts, crushed cans, cell phone, books all lay... Continue Reading →

Web of Illusions

"May I come in sir?" "Yes you may." With unsure foot steps I walked into the room. "Are you OK? You look pale." "Do I?" with an inward wonder I looked up to find him sitting on the chair looking impeccable in his rimless glasses, red tee and blue jeans,strumming his guitar. "I_I_I am fine... Continue Reading →

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