Love Thyself

Bag of Bones, Pack of Lard; Short as Shrub, Tall as Tree; Black as Soot, White as Ghost! No matter what shape, size or colour you are -  Some people will always find fault in you! Ignore them and love thyself; And soon you will find them all loving you. ~ The Girl Life isn't... Continue Reading →


Lonely & Sad? Treat yourself to a glass of Milk & Cookies!

Yeah! Girls you heard me right. I did say a glass of milk and cookies. Well, you can cut the plural to singular, in case you really are worried about that extra calorie. But what’s a little indulgence over a sad heart? Darling, you need to treat yourself sometimes. A bubble bath, a haircut or... Continue Reading →

I am an artist and I am not unemployed…

The far-cry of urban razzmatazz has amplified tenfold with the creation of robotic human capital that pamper man's ego as much as it pleases his fellow beings in terms of a fat pay packet, perks and promotions. Mobile man works 12 hours a day and in this breathless situation often becomes a shadowy figure. It is... Continue Reading →


Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all by yourself. To the words of John Wooden - "If you are not making mistakes, then you are not doing anything." No man is born perfect, it is through his mistakes that man attains the supreme knowledge of the art... Continue Reading →

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