IMG-20151124-WA0008_1“Create, Love, Explore…” with this mantra in mind I embark on a new journey and hope to bask in it for several years to come with all your love and support. Through Canvas-Create, Love, Explore I hope to instill new ideas, develop new thought process and make a positive impact. I hope it turns out to be a fun experience for me as well as for you all. I would love your opinion on matters, discussed here along side making it an enjoyable read through the pages of both fictional and non-fictional works. 

The idea behind naming Canvas- Create, Love, Explore was to highlight the fact that any piece of creative work is the artist’s brain child that gets projected in their mind’s eye. Painters paint their projection while writers pen picture their creative imaginations or add flair to a piece of non-fictional encounter. Hence, a canvas is not only the arena for a painter but any artistic creation that needs a platform to portray whats innate in them. Such a forum is Canvas- Create, Love Explore.

Keeping it short I would conclude saying: “Welcome Aboard friends.”


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