Sweet Pain

One fine morning, I heard her say:
“Will you let me know where I stay?”
Bewildered as I was to such a remark,
I didn’t know what exactly to mark!
“Why do you ask such?” I bid her say;
She smiled with dreary eyes and walked away.
Lonely she sat all afternoon,
Pondering over till the sky saw the moon.
Brushing her hair, I looked at her eyes,
I was met with a gaze, you wouldn’t fathom otherwise.
“All that I had wanted was love;
But pain was what I got from my dove!”
“How is it so?” I asked while she sang,
Weakly she smiled, telling how it all began.
“When there was no love, I cried for it day and night!
Hoping that its presence will set all things right.
And then walked in love running through each and every vein,
Soon it made me realise, “Alas! it’s such a sweet pain.”
Today I stand homeless and alone –
Because friendship between love and peace has long been blown!”



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