This is why we need a Woman’s Day.. A must read

I was working on my creative content for this year’s International Women’s Day, when a colleague ridiculed : “Such melodrama, a whole day dedicated to the female! Attention seekers!” Dear friends, this is why we need a women’s day…

The Daughter, The Wife, The Mother; a woman’s life is a cycle of relationships. She is one person in her many ways. She is the forever soothing, all nurturing figure, the creator of life, the all understanding, ever compassionate being, she is the epitome of beauty; she is a woman. Sometimes her presence livens the atmosphere by her childish laughter, at others her being acts as a support to a man alongside shaping the family. Above all she emerges as the kindred spirit by bringing into this world a new living being, nourishing it under her care throughout her life. Therefore, it is she who needs special love and care.

Women often ignore their health while taking care of everyone else in the family. With the everlasting smile of assurance on her face, she never lets an iota of doubt creep in another’s mind. Statistics show that majority of women are subject to calcium deficiency which starts to drop at an alarming rate post 30. The real hero of the family, without her presence a family begins to feel handicapped. Yet, she never lets others know her problems. Most women fall prey to anemia. Studies reveal this is due to the fact that most women are under nourished and hence do not get adequate iron intake. So, the next time you see your mother or wife giving you the larger portion of the curry or the bigger piece of meat, just remember perhaps she is doing so by compromising her own half. 


In a society that worships the female as an epitome of power, expects her to fight single-handed and abolish all evil, protect both men and women. It is the same society that condemns women from exercising her free will. Time has come to stop commodification of women and give her the respect she deserves. When women start getting their equal share in the society, the world will no longer need Women’s Day.

O’ patrons of the patriarchal society; O’ my dear men, you call out, you question the very existence of this day. You feel that women fight for their rights and revolt to merely draw attention and get better share of benefits – a little note for you : Look! at the silent sacrifices she makes to provide the best for you. Leaves her family to make yours, forsakes her very identity and conjoins to that of yours. Treat her well. The day she is no more treated as a second gender, she no longer will rally for her rights or seek the world’s attention.

Love Women, Respect Women.      


 Happy International Women’s Day.


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