The Anupam Roy Night

Memories of my College Life…



College fests are the most awaited events in a student’s life. They add a spirit of festivity in a serious academic schedule. A cultural spree, it is a breath of fresh air that creates memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

I remember my college days; fests were perhaps the most memorable events of my college life. We used to eagerly wait for the season of to arrive. Such a lot of time, efforts and creativity would go into making those two days of cultural fiesta a grand success. It indeed brought out the best in each of us. Even if it was little Lizzie’s extravagant dressing style. But jokes apart, I would really like to thank my professors that it was that sense of responsibility advocated to us to organize and make the fest a grand success that actually inculcated leadership qualities in each of us.


Those intense periods of planning, running here and there for sponsorship collection, tensed phase, teary eyes, sweaty palms, fashionista looks, late hour dance, after party and getting rebuked by parents for wasting so much time. Wow, those were some days. Now, when I reflect back, a smile creeps round the corner of my lips and I am sure that’s applicable to you all reading my blog because sometime in your life, you did experience the same. If not exactly these but at least a little that of all that I felt.

How time flies! It seems it was just yesterday that me and my fellow college secretaries succeeded to put up a great show. Perhaps those little experiences back then helped us emerge as leaders and professionals in our own fields.

It’s all about the show…

I was so enthusiastic about the next day that I could hardly sleep. I checked my phone and saw him online. I texted, “Eagerly waiting for your show tomorrow”. Nabarun da replied, “Me too. Really looking forward to it. See ya tomorrow”. 

The next day flowed in a rush.  I hardlly 




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  1. The 1st fest i had been part of….was amazing…almost same memories are dealt with me…your words are so true…let me recapitulate the begining…the show…the climax…everything is so vibrant in colors in my mind…

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