Love Thyself

Bag of Bones, Pack of Lard; Short as Shrub, Tall as Tree; Black as Soot, White as Ghost! No matter what shape, size or colour you are -  Some people will always find fault in you! Ignore them and love thyself; And soon you will find them all loving you. ~ The Girl Life isn't... Continue Reading →


A Taste of Gujrat!

After experiencing a rather bumpy ride, my flight landed at 8:30 pm in the Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport. I still was overcoming the sequence of events that took place up in the air from my co-passenger spilling her glass of water on me (she wasn’t at fault we were experiencing a turbulence due to... Continue Reading →

Sweet Pain

One fine morning, I heard her say: "Will you let me know where I stay?" Bewildered as I was to such a remark, I didn't know what exactly to mark! "Why do you ask such?" I bid her say; She smiled with dreary eyes and walked away. Lonely she sat all afternoon, Pondering over till... Continue Reading →

Roasted Mutton in Red Sauce

As a food lover, I always keep experimenting with my recipes. Traditional dishes often get a new twist with my touch. Mixing and matching the ingredients, exploring the different flavours is like a food journey for me. Cooking is a form of art and there is so much scope for creativity here. Hence, today I... Continue Reading →


প্রতি  বছর  হয় বিসর্জন, সবাই  বলে  মা  এসেছিলো  বাপের  বাড়ি ; চার দিন  পরে  তাকে  ফিরতে  হবে যে  আবার  তার  শোউড়  বাড়ি | চোখ  থেকে  পরে  জল , মন  হয় ভারী ; কিন্তু  এই  ছোট্ট  মন  বার  বার  বলে , আমার  সবার  সাথে  আড়ি | “কেন  আড়ি  রে , কেন  আড়ি ?” যখন  জিজ্ঞেস  করে ... Continue Reading →

I am a Woman

"You have a provocative smile - Your eyes speak, your lips invite. Your body is a pulsating emblem of erotica." The Woman smiled. Pulling a lock of hair behind her ears, She let her big dark eyes sit on the speaker. "You are an enchantress, wrap yourself up; Else face the consequences." She took a... Continue Reading →

Frozen Fudge

I decided to give my mother a midnight birthday surprise. I had planned the party the next day hence, the cake would only come then. For the midnight surprise, I had to have an innovative idea handy. So I decided to explore my culinary skills and crafted up a recipe. My own version of frozen... Continue Reading →

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